Today’s Sunrise

Thanks to Liza Halpenny for this picture

Thanks to Liza Halpenny for this amazing picture

I was looking out of our bedroom window with my daughter. We were having fun pointing to all the objects. Yet, she was most fascinated by the snow still on the ground.

I noticed the sun was gently creeping over the horizon and kissing the snow covered trees and hills. What a glorious example of God’s love touching each of our hearts. It’s not loud, but a gentle presence gracefully flooding into view. How often we miss the sunrise because we are sleeping, or because something clouds our vision. This makes me wonder about the times I’ve complained about not feeling God’s love. I think I’m seeing more and more that if I’m not feeling God’s love at the moment, it doesn’t mean its not there waiting to gently stream in aflame with joy and inspiration. I just need to get up and open the window. 

Daily Prayer

When I was a kid, I was often told of the great need to pray daily. At that time, I didn’t really understand why. Today, I don’t get through a day very well at all without praying moment by moment. 

Like many other people, I also have times where the pressures of life and other factors try to interrupt my prayer. So I thought I would share with you some things that have been helping me lately:

  • Declare that praying effectively is a divine right – God has given us the right and perhaps the responsibility to maintain our direct and close relationship with Him. 
  • Affirm that God has made me able to pray effectively. A loving God would not give me a desire to be in relation to the divine, and then make it impossible for me to maintaining this normal and natural connection with divine Love. 
  • Prayerfully deny any kind of evil power, which would try to distract, undermine, hide, or destroy the desire and ability to pray effectively and have and maintain a close relationship to God. 
  • I also regularly turn to the chapter, “Prayer” in Science and Health with Key to the Sciptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. I love the empowering ideas shared in this chapter and always feel like my prayer is more effective after studying this chapter. 

I would love to hear how you overcome the pressures that try to keep you from praying regularly. 


I am so much more effective and capable when I’m resting on something way more powerful and way more intelligent than I am. More and more, I realize I really can’t do much by my own intelligence and power. 

Perhaps this is the lesson the entire Bible is trying to teach —humanly we are weak, all twisted up in knots, lacking intelligence, wisdom, and understanding…but through God, we can do all things. We have strength, and confidence. We are organized, satisfied, effective, and healthy. 

Make Me Wiser

As muddy waters rush by,
Sense paints a dingy dream,
It’s colors may yell and scream.
A pictured cry.

Make me stronger,
Stronger than the pictured cry,
Show me the colors only lie.
Make me wiser.

True Church

Enraptured by Love’s gentleness
The true idea holds

Inspired by Truth’s warming light
The true idea

Impelled by God’s present power
The Christ

The Compass of Constancy

Our words, thoughts and prayers,
Illusive in power and might,
kept in the twists of error.

Why is there no security?
Why is there no constancy?
Why is good always over the horizon?

How do we secure our boat of virtue?
How do we navigate the changing seas?
How do we know where we are headed?

The answer is sure.
The Scriptures reveal our course of certainty:
Have no other Gods before Me.

This is the sweet Compass of Constancy:
To have only one Mind
one Power
one Navigator

one Life
one Spirit
one Soul

Then we will be untossed, untwisted, untouched
By the swelling and ebbing sea.
By the seeming tide of error’s pleas.

We will be Always secure
Always constant
Always Pure

Our words, thoughts and prayers,
Now mighty because we obeyed
The Compass of Constancy.

Church Members

Structure of Truth and Love
Fixed with Christ
Steadfast and eternal
Heralds of healing.

Proceeding from divine Principle
Active and responsive
Spontaneous and enthusiastic
Concords of good.

Found elevating the Race
Bearing Love’s rod and staff
Comforting and Inspiring
Beacons of peace

Rousing the dormant understanding
Witnessing Mind’s expression
Enlightening and strengthening
Shepherds of Truth

Inspired by the 23rd Psalm and the definition of “Church” in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy.