Love amid imperfection

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Ex 20:12

How and why do we honor our parents? What if you feel there isn’t much to honor, does this command still apply?

I love questions. As I have been thinking about this commandment and these questions, the political atmosphere of this country seems to keep coming into the conversation, and maybe there is a legitimate reason.

Sure, this commandment is talking about honoring our parents — being respectful and revering their wisdom and value. But aren’t Judge Kavenaugh, Christine Blasey Ford,  and all the Senators moms and dads? Have they all made mistakes. Yes. Do they still deserve to be honored by their children? Or is what we are seeing and hearing a license for their children not to honor them? Think about it for a minute.

Honoring our Father and Mother is about respect, decency, patience, forgiveness, kindness, and love even when someone may not humanly deserve it. It’s about looking for and seeing the good and and focusing on that rather than on all the mistakes. Its about respecting the office, understanding the challenges of that office, and forgiving what’s not right in the office. It’s about putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes. It’s about love — love amid imperfection.

I cannot think of something needed more in the political atmosphere today. Actually, I cannot think of something needed more in the world today.

This is not to advocate putting one’s head in the sand. No. We need to be alert, see what’s not right, and strive to correct it in ourselves and then to help each other. But we need to forgive and continue to respect and love one another. We would want forgiveness if we misstepped, and we would need that love to keep going and to make meaningful change.