Breaking up with fear

When we talk about bad relationships, probably the worst one is the one we have with various forms of fear. I was on a long drive alone wresting with intense anxiety about the future. Worrying that I made the wrong decision. Worrying about all the consequences and all the possible negative outcomes. I seemed to be mesmerized by this intense negativity. While scanning radio stations for some comforting music, I landed on a station where Francesca Battistelli was being interviewed.

She explained the backstory of her new album and in particular her new song, “The break up song.” It was exactly what I needed. It affirmed our God-given ability to stop dating fear in every form, and I had a right to break it off with all this anxiety. The rest of the trip I found myself affirming God’s infinite control and putting fear and worry under my feet. It changed from a depressing trip to an empowering one. Below I hope you enjoy listening to Francesca Battistelli’s powerful song.