Cleaning House

man-cleaning-houseYesterday, I cleaned house. Yep, I vacuumed all three levels of our townhouse, cleaned four bathrooms, and mopped the kitchen and dinning room floors all the while making sure that the kids were safe and happy. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my Christian Science nursing experience!!! 😀  Ten years ago, I dragged my feet to clean the house. I pined over where I should start, how long it would take, and all the things I needed to do that were more important. To say the least, I didn’t clean house very often.

Anyway, today I got stared right away, knew exactly where to start and enjoyed every second of the process. Of course, the most happy moment was looking back at all that was accomplished. This might seem like a small thing to you, but it was monumental to me. I’ve made a huge amount of progress.

Also, as I was cleaning, I was thinking about why it feels so great to clean. Cleaning house frees you and allows you to be more efficient and fruitful in the home. It frees your mind mostly! Just think about how free your thoughts are when your home is all in order. You can focus on the really important things. How true it is that this is also what happens when we clean out the muck in our thinking. We feel freer, effective, and fruitful. Want to be a success, clean your mental house!


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Now on to Inspiration. The following short poem (I think it’s a poem 😉 ) unfolded while writing some ideas down about what divine inspiration does. The inspiration that comes from prayer is a big reason I love Christian Science.

Divine inspiration…

entices thought
the frailty of mortality

moves the mind
to humility,
holiness, and peace

lifts the eyes
to see
the reality of God’s creation.

What does divine inspiration do for you?

Church glue: Joy

Intercultural-LeadershipWhat do you call a church that smiles and laughs together? A church that stays together, of course.

A lack of smiles and laughter may not sound like a moving violation when we’re talking about church. But without joy, church would have more in common with the fossils in the Petrified Forest National Park.

What does a genuine smile communicate? What about a sweet laugh? Both point to sincere gratitude, affection, and joy which are very needed in building strong relationships. It is this light of love which gleams through the windows and doors of church in both directions that showers the pews with vibrancy and life and touches the hearts of the passerby.

So why church? To smile. To laugh. To live. And to do it a lot more.

Prayer: A surge of happiness and peace

IMG_2896Tonight as I write this blog I’m sitting in my home without music and without the TV. It’s silent! That is except the tromping of little toddler feet and the cooing of a sweet infant voice.

I’m sitting by myself for a little while to pray about a work-related problem. One of the things that Christian Science has helped me learn is to turn away from what seems to be going on and to reach out to God for more truth. This always brings more freedom, more health, and more joy. This is what effective prayer means to me.

Recently, a friend told of a time she was struggling physically. She turned from what was going on physically and mentally took a stand for God’s supremacy and goodness. “An important part of this was the realization that I can hug truth so close that I can’t be separated from good.” This mental stand caused an undeniable “surge of happiness” and peace, and she quickly rejoined her husband in what they were doing that afternoon. She told about this experience at a Wednesday testimony meeting at a local Christian Science church.

I love this idea of prayer bringing a surge of happiness and peace. I had to share it with you.

Why Church? An open window

Happy Monday. 🙂 Two weeks ago, I found this poem in a scrapbook of various clippings my mom collected.

An Aspiration

Others may be art glass
Of rainbow hue;
I choose to be a windowpane
For the sun to shine through.
A clear pane,
A clean pane—
Is what I would be—
Unconcerned with temperament
And personality.
I would have Love shine through me,
So that my friends would say,
Not, “What a lovely pane of glass!”
But “What a lovely day!”

—The Christian Science Monitor, April 26, 1940
~by Katherine Collins

Saying I love this doesn’t seem enough. The selflessness, humility, grace, and Christianity expressed in this poem is a great antidote for self-aggrandizement or even a desire for a little personal recognition. As a very dirty window would obscure the clarity of the day, so pride and egotism obscures the clarity and power of the Christ.

50522D0E-5678-418C-BFB4-2A7534EC8C5A-6644-0000083D3E0EBD47While getting ready for church yesterday, I realized an open and unobstructed window is exactly what church should be all about. A church that strives to be a window like this is a church I love. After all, who doesn’t need a clear view of the power and presence of good?

Do you see this when you go to your church? I’d like to hear more about what keeps these windows of light open or what blocks the view. As always feel free to share in the comments below, or privately using the contact page.

Gathering the Facts

One of the most significant things that Christian Science has taught me is where and how I should gather facts. I know we are all thinking about this seriously these days. I recently read an article about fake news. It reminded me how often our thought is influenced by accepting what we apparently see or experience. Christian Science teaches to gather the facts from a higher source than our material senses. A reliable source.

“Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth;”  I Cor 2:13

LiarTake a look at the picture in this post. What do you see? I will tell you that there are two different things contained in this image. Isn’t this a perfect example of how judging things from our senses can be unreliable? How do you deal with all the false information you see or hear from the media, from experience, from  TV, from video games, and from books? Share with me either in the comments section below or send me a message privately using the contact page.

You have churched!

Here we go! What’s the most challenging thing about day one? Deciding where to start. Here’s a puzzling thought: Without Christian Science, there’s no church. I don’t mean merely no Christian Science churches, I mean no expression of church at all.

I know that sounds minimally presumptuous and possibly preposterous, but before you all head for the hills, let me explain. Christian Science is much bigger than a religious sect — much, much bigger. Christian Science is infinite truth, which includes all that is good and worthwhile.

GirlshuggingWhen I see two kids hugging each other like this, I see Christian Science. It’s all about love. Real love. Without this, what would we have in order to church? If you look deep enough at the core of any real churching, you’ll find this divine love, or Christian Science.

Have you ever held a door for someone? You have churched. Have you ever comforted a crying child? You have churched. Have you ever listened to someone tell a story? You have churched. Have you helped someone clean up something they dropped? You have churched. Have you hoped or wished the best for someone? You have churched. We all church, whether we call it that or not.

I would enjoy reading inspiring examples of churching you are seeing around you, or even the ways YOU have churched. Use the comment section below, or send me a direct message using the contact page.

That’s it for today. Hope to see you on Thursday. 🙂

What Christian Science is to me? AND Why Church?

Hi. We are all taught very young that sharing is important for many reasons. Yet, as we grow up, the things that become the most meaningful to us end up being hidden from others for various reasons. Lately, I have been realizing how wrong this is, and I’m trying to be different. So I decided to use my website as a way to share with all of you. I know my website doesn’t load very fast, and I’m not sure why, and I don’t really have time to figure it out. However, if you can be patient with the website’s loading speeds, then I promise to share with you on Mondays and Thursdays something that touches my heart about Christian Science or about Church. These two things are probably the most meaningful things in my life beside my family of course. I also promise to share what is real in my heart. I won’t be saying things to manipulate, convert, or satisfy anyone in particular! I also won’t ramble. My posts will be short! If you want more, comment and I will be happy to share more, –perhaps privately though. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Shaquem Griffin

The following is one reason I love the Christian Science Monitor. This little editorial paints a picture of a universal fact about the human spirit. We all love stories where someone overcomes the supposed limits that the human body imposes on them. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why?” Why do we love these stories? Isn’t it because somewhere inside of all of us we want to do the same thing? It almost seems second nature for us to cheer on people who are doing it. I’m definitely cheering on Shaquem Griffin, and I can’t wait to see what he does. Do you have any stories of conquering limitations? I’d love to hear them.

Shaquem Griffin did his first pull-up only three years ago when he was a freshman in college. His mother was so overcome that she cried. This weekend, Mr. Griffin made a huge leap toward another, more historic first: becoming the first player with only one hand to be drafted by the National Football League.

Griffin was in some ways the biggest story of the NFL’s scouting combine ahead of next month’s draft. Over and over again, his drills spoke for him. He ran the fastest 40-yard time of any linebacker at the combine since 2003. He made interceptions in coverage drills. And with a prosthetic similar to the one he used to do his first pull-up, he bench-pressed 225 pounds 20 times. “I almost choked up,” said one analyst who watched it.

Griffin’s twin brother, Shaquill, who is already in the NFL, says he hopes opposing coaches try to take advantage of the fact that his brother is one-handed. “It will give him more times to prove them wrong. He loves that,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “The one hand makes him better.”

Today’s Sunrise

Thanks to Liza Halpenny for this picture

Thanks to Liza Halpenny for this amazing picture

I was looking out of our bedroom window with my daughter. We were having fun pointing to all the objects. Yet, she was most fascinated by the snow still on the ground.

I noticed the sun was gently creeping over the horizon and kissing the snow covered trees and hills. What a glorious example of God’s love touching each of our hearts. It’s not loud, but a gentle presence gracefully flooding into view. How often we miss the sunrise because we are sleeping, or because something clouds our vision. This makes me wonder about the times I’ve complained about not feeling God’s love. I think I’m seeing more and more that if I’m not feeling God’s love at the moment, it doesn’t mean its not there waiting to gently stream in aflame with joy and inspiration. I just need to get up and open the window.